Laptex Exclusive Online-offline Hybrid Laptop Repairing Training Course From Basic To The Advance Level.


  • Motherboard Chip level IC’s internal logic & complete pins signal analysis .
  • Logicboard Fault diagnosis using schematic/diagrams .
  • Motherboard BUCK & BOOST regulator IC(e.g-TPS51125, P2806 etc..) & PWM switching with fault diagnosis .
  • JFET, MOSFET, BJT, diode switching in Schematics both theory & practical .
  • Graphics to Non-Graphics conversion & ASUS onboard RAM disable methods .
  • CRO practical & function with frequency, voltage, PMW, duty cycle, RMS value, peak-peak value analysis .
  • Charging section fault finding tricks & Charging IC function with complete internal LOGIC(e.g-bq24745) .
  • OP-Amp analysis and diagnosis (Comparator, oscillator, inverting & non-inverting amplifier, Schmitt trigger etc.)
  • Controller I/O programming & important signals functions and logic .
  • Zener diode description, fault finding & pratical circuit diagnosis .
  • BIOS ME REGION cleaning & editing .
  • Voltage divider, current divider, KCL, KVL, Ohm’s law & boolean algebra .
  • Laptop BIOS password unlocking & Shortcircuit finding TRICKS .
  • Logic gate design & digital circuit analysis with practical applications & projects using ARDUINO .
  • All types of BGA IC’s (e.g-HM76) function & important signal with diagnosis .

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